puppet case study Infusionsoft

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Able to implement continuous integration workflow.
  • Ops team manages 250 servers, double the prior number (mostly VMs).
  • Ops has time to upgrade and improve infrastructure, and plan for further scaling.
  • Improved insight into infrastructure, plus accurate auditing for PCI compliance.
  • Automated monitoring and alerts.

Starting environment

  • 125 Linux servers, mostly physical

Why Puppet Enterprise?

  • Easy for new people and colleagues outside ops to learn.
  • Prebuilt modules and integrations for a wide range of technologies and data center equipment.
  • As an integral component of standard continuous integration process, Puppet Enterprise provides ability to achieve continuous delivery of infrastructure.
  • Because Puppet is the industry standard for IT automation, it's easy to hire people with Puppet skills and knowledge as the company grows.
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