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Rick Sherman (Shermdog) is a senior engineer at Puppet leading the expansion of network platforms and services offerings. Prior to joining Puppet, he built and evangelized network automation frameworks for a large networking vendor. Rick is passionate about bridging the DevOps gap in networking and bringing value to practitioners and customers alike.

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Amsterdam 2018

Puppet Networking: To Agentless and Beyond!

Puppet has brought the full power of model-driven, declarative intent to the network... without the need for on-box agents. In this session, you will learn about Puppet's ongoing efforts to bring our industry-leading automation to networking. We will deep dive on agentless, improvements to Puppet Device, and new platforms such as Cisco IOS, ACI, and Meraki, as well as other vendors to be announced at Puppetize Live. You will get a view of the current roadmap, plus a sneak peak at the future capabilities of Puppet networking.