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Paula is a software engineer on the modules team based in Belfast where she works on anything from reviewing community PRs to adding tooling to make writing modules a simpler task. Paula started off in Puppet over 2 years ago working as a software development engineer in Test and then transitioned over to a software engineer. She graduated from University of Ulster in 2014 with BEng Software Engineering. In her spare time, Paula likes to spend time with her friends and nephews and every once in a while she will come up with a short lived hobby — currently she's in the process of trying out sewing.

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Amsterdam 2018

Top 4 Tips for Module Development

This talk is catered for anyone that has an interest in modules development. It will highlight various tools that the modules team rely on daily, including the automation of controlling code quality, automating readme creation, automating changelog generation and finally pushing pdk-template changes to multiple modules.