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Nick is a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Toledo, and immediately out of college he worked on a realtime data processing system in C/C++ and assembly. He has experience programming across the stack, from low-level GPU algorithms, to networking, databases, and even high-performance 3D rendering. Nick now works as the DevOps Manager at Encore Technologies, leading the team down the DevOps journey with his experience in software engineering and building robust systems.

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San Francisco 2018

Bolting on Automation in the Real World

Bolt is a new open source DevOps tool by Puppet that provides remote execution of tasks. This talk will provide an honest look at Bolt, how we adopted it, and the problems it has solved for us. Several real world use cases will be discussed such as: copying files to remote hosts, application deployments, installing Puppet, ChatOps and auto-remediation. Finally, insight will be shared about Encore's interaction with the Bolt team, how we were able to provide meaningful feedback and see it implemented along with getting our own PRs merged in.