About the speaker

Nathan McKinley has been a software engineer at Google for about five years. He works on open-source integrations with Google Cloud Platform, primarily Puppet and Terraform. He spends most of his time trying to automate himself out of a job, and looks forward to the day when he can automate himself out of that job, too.

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San Francisco 2018

Puppet + Google Cloud: Migrating to the Cloud with Puppet

The easiest tool to use is the tool you already understand. As you migrate to the cloud, the quickest route to building a scalable, complex deployment is using the same pipelines and tooling that you use on-premises. Google + Puppet have been building out a series of modules that allow you to construct your cloud infrastructure quickly using Puppet. You will learn how these modules will help you migrate quickly to the cloud, help you effortlessly scale your workflows, and leverage your institutional Puppet knowledge.