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Martin Jackson has been an IT professional for almost 20 years. He has spent time in applications development, network engineering, and most recently infrastructure build automation.

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San Francisco 2018

We're in This Together: Lessons from Growing a Collaborative Culture

How does one of the largest companies in the world scale automation and DevOps practices across their enterprise? At Walmart, we started small with a 3-person team of engineers, automating one resource at a time across tens of thousands of servers. We learned that small changes can have a big impact, and three years into our journey, we’ve automated tens of millions of resources across almost one hundred thousand servers spanning stores, data centers and distribution centers around the world. But the real victory has been helping other teams adopt automation and building an internal community of Puppet users which has helped us scale our automation efforts beyond what our small core team of developers could do alone.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The practices that were critical to scaling our success, including some overlooked practices like documentation
  • How we measure success, especially for things that are hard to measure, like culture
  • Lessons learned throughout the journey and how to apply them to your business, including some mistakes we made along the way
  • How we plan to expand automation to more teams in the future