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I am a software development manager for Amazon Web Services and manage AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise, a managed service that lets you start using Puppet Enterprise in minutes. Prior to Amazon I worked at a startup as engineer and later managed the development and operations team. I work in DevOps teams and with configuration management since 2008.

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Sydney 2018

Building a DevOps Pipeline with AWS

This session will walk you through building your DevOps pipeline with the AWS Development and Management tools. We will leverage AWS CodePipeline to create a setup that allows us to automatically test and promote infrastructure changes to production. We will use AWS CloudFormation for resource provisioning, AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise for on-instance configuration, and AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise. With these tools we will be able to create a fully automated pipeline to deploy, manage, and scale the AWS environment.

We'll cover how to: - Employ DevOps practices and treating infrastructure as code makes it easy to share, test, and enforce changes across AWS - Discover the benefits of automation when creating, scheduling, and reviewing releases for environment change - Gain situational awareness and drive change with confidence - Orchestrate changes to infrastructure and applications - Continually enforce your desired state and remediate any unexpected changes