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George is a longtime advocate for automation and config management. Over his career he has been accountable for a variety of aspects from security to infrastructure to scalable web applications. George has a passion for only doing things once, and trying to do them right, focusing on enduser impact and scalability. Offline he lives in Oregon with his wife and daughter, enjoys DIY home remodeling, camping, and gaming. George volunteers his time as president of his home owners association, in hopes of keeping up the neighborhood and building a sense of community.

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San Francisco 2018

Scaling Splunk Cloud with Puppet Enterprise

Splunk Cloud™ is a hosted service that lets customers quickly enjoy Splunk without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. Our Cloud Operations team is responsible for deploying and maintaining these environments for our customers. We initially started out with an agentless procedural tool, but found it couldn't scale to meet our needs. We realized that in order to serve our customers better, we needed to have environments under constant management, rather than being managed on an ad hoc basis. Moving to Puppet Enterprise has enabled our team to efficiently manage more customer environments with greater consistency. We can provision new customer environment in minutes as opposed to days and perform maintenance much more quickly, resulting in more satisfied customers.