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Started in 1998 as server administrator, later as full stack application developer, consultant and architect for telecom, banking, utilities and media companies. Co- started a video management system company. The last years he fulfilled a role at KPN as product manager for applications and is now Product Owner Puppet. In his last role the focus was on implementing new tooling, automation and agile, working in a traditional environment to make high quality services as efficient as possible.

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Amsterdam 2018

Managing Puppet at Scale Powered by Operational Intelligence Using Splunk

KPN manages around ten thousand servers with Puppet, and that number keeps growing. These nodes span dozens of customers and, as a result, many different parts of the organization. Tracking the adoption and usage of Puppet across all these different customer teams is vital to understand how teams are performing:

  • Is Puppet installed on every server owned by a team?
  • Are teams managing all aspects of their servers with Puppet, or only some?
  • Are teams using the latest version of public and private modules?

In this session, KPN shows how they use the integration between Puppet Enterprise and Splunk to drive dashboards that track this information and provide actionable intelligence to management, for smarter decision making.