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Ronald is currently working as a technology consultant at Aegon Global Technology. His main focus is on automation. Started with deployment and system automation, now mainly works on infrastructure automation using Infrastructure as Code. He is part of the Puppet Core team that helps manage the entire infrastructure using Puppet Enterprise. Working together with DevOps teams, Unix and security.

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Amsterdam 2018

Challenges and Achievements of an IT Team in the Financial Sector

At Aegon we have started using Puppet to automate how we manage on-premises servers without repeating the same tasks over and over. That has improved our productivity and made our infrastructure more consistent. On the wave of the first success, we have extended the scope for Puppet to other projects. The rumours of our success have spread across the company. We have eventually become victim of our own success, with many requests from different departments. In this presentation, I'll describe all the projects we have engaged Puppet with and how, at Aegon, we are building a culture of automation from the ground up.