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In my role as Platforms Manager I am tasked with building the automation team culture & capability frameworks to enable Transurban Infrastructure Technology teams shift to an automated way of working. Previous roles at large enterprises have given me good insights on how automation can be used at scale to remove the “manual” to unlock the capability of teams.

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Sydney 2018

Self-Service Infrastructure: Using Puppet Enterprise with ServiceNow, vRealize, Slack, and PowerBI

In recent times, the topic of long-lived infrastructure has become all but taboo in a world of DevOps and automation, however every enterprise organisation still has traditional problems to solve and efficiencies to be gained. Transurban has adopted Puppet Enterprise, VMWare vRealize, and ServiceNow along with other tools to enable self-service infrastructure provisioning and administration. We’ve changed the way our teams interact with our infrastructure by delving into ChatOps with Slack, providing interactive real-time reporting on Puppet data with PowerBI, and fronting a customised service portal using ServiceNow — all leveraging Puppet Enterprise and its APIs. Let us show you where we started, how we got here, and where we are going from both a Windows and Linux perspective, including how we’ve used these tools and more to tackle the common problems faced by many enterprise organisations.