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Brendan is a Senior Systems Engineer working for Monash University in the Technology Services Automation team acting as SCRUM master and Tech Lead. The team is responsible for increasing the automation processes around infrastructure deployment, application management and service delivery. We currently have a focus on delivering AWS Cloud services using Jenkins, Puppet and AWS CloudFormation.

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Sydney 2018

Puppet The Automation Journey: Configuration Management, Automation and the Cloud

Monash University has a large number of servers with a wide range of complex requirements. We currently use Puppet extensively across our Linux fleet and are in the process of rolling it out to our Microsoft Windows fleet. We also use Puppet in our tool chaining for DevOps for the purpose of automated Service Deployment pipelines. I will cover some of the learnings we have made so far on the roll out of Puppet, Puppet Enterprise and the DevOps journey and what we are planning to do next.