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Boyd likes to know how things work. His many years of plugging things together to see what happens have led to in-depth knowledge of the moving parts of enterprise IT. His many years of disliking tedious repetition have led to a pursuit of automation. His many years of Unix experience have led to a love of Emacs. The intersection of these interests has led to work as in Infrastructure Engineer in enterprises trying to tame their sprawling fleets. He currently works in managing, configuring, monitoring and promoting Puppet infrastructure, to serve a variety of internal customers.

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Sydney 2018

Beards, Brownfields and (de)Borkage

Come on a rapid fire ride with us as we run through what it has taken ANZ to go from a diversely configured, non-uniformly managed fleet to something that, whilst not yet a thing of beauty, is amazingly better than what we started with! We’ll talk scaling of Puppet master, working with Hiera hierarchies, compliance (which was a massive win for ANZ) and a bunch of asides along the way.