For people curious about the change

Is PuppetConf changing?

Yes it is! We are transforming from a primarily in-person event hosted in San Francisco to one that extends to cities around the world, both in-person and online.

What is Puppetize Live?

It’s Puppet’s annual, global conference and virtual event. It’s a continuous, follow-the-sun, 24-hour event. Hosted live in San Francisco, Sydney, and Amsterdam. And online via digital live stream.

What’s with the new name?

Puppetize Live represents a significant transformation, with its own footprint around the world, so we wanted to give it its own name. “Puppetize” is the term many of us use when referring to the act of bringing Puppet to a new end point or device. We’re bringing our annual Puppet event, to new people, in new places, in-person, and online. And “Live” because the event will be a continuous, follow-the-sun, live, 24 hour event.

What are the dates of the new event?

We kick things off in San Francisco on 9 October (the original PuppetConf 2018 date). As activities in San Francisco conclude (in the afternoon 9 October), we’ll launch two more consecutive events in two additional cities across the globe, where it will already be 10 October.

Which cities will have Puppetize Live events?

Puppetize Live starts on 9 October 2018 in San Francisco, then moves to Sydney on 10 October, and finishes in Amsterdam on 10 October. Puppet training courses are offered before and after the event, depending on the city.  For more information on training go here.

What can I expect to learn about/what are topics?

We’re gathering the sharpest minds in DevOps, cloud, containers, and software automation to tell their stories and share their experiences on a global stage about:

  • DevOps
  • Software delivery
  • Continuous integration / continuous delivery
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Cloud migration
  • Managing hybrid infrastructures
  • Container orchestration at scale
  • Security and compliance
  • Vulnerability remediation
  • Puppet Product Use Cases
  • And more

When will the agenda for each city be available?

It's available now! See the Agenda page for all the details.

What is different in each location?

Other than featuring a different gathering of Puppet users, we’re aiming to deliver bright and brilliant perspectives on the following from our talks:

  • Scaling DevOps and Automation Success
  • Cloud Management and Migration
  • Application and Container Delivery

Each location will also include training and the newest demos of Puppet products.

Will there be training?

Yes. Trainings will be held in each of the three cities and in separate locations. Get more details on our training page.

Is there an official hotel for each venue?

We don't have an official event hotel -- the choice is yours! There is a range of options in each of the cities we'll be visiting to fit your budget and preferences. If you have a reservation at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square you are welcome to keep it, but we cannot guarantee any special rate. Note: The Hilton is .2 miles from the Puppetize Live San Francisco location at The Village. For people who registered for PuppetConf before our big change: Should you wish to cancel your reservation at the Hilton and are not able to get your money back Puppet will reimburse you. Lastly, we will publish a list of suggested, nearby hotels to help you find a convenient location to stay at, so stay tuned!

What’s different if I attend live vs. online?

Attending in person gives you a chance to meet other people in your field and spend time with Puppet experts. At the in-person events, you can watch the talks live, network with other experts and community members, access training, and get hands-on experience with Puppet demos. These on-premise perks won’t be live streamed, so please register for a location to get the full Puppetize Live experience. The live stream will capture content from all cities in realtime on Recordings of all talks and activities will be available after the main event (9 October).

Can I participate in training remotely if I’m only streaming the event?

No. But you can sign up for online trainings at other times here.

How is this different than what was live streamed in the past?

We will stream all of Puppetize Live, not just a single track.

Will any additional cities be added?

We expect to host three cities.

Will PuppetConf ever come back?

Just like software automation, cloud technologies, and DevOps -- things are constantly evolving. So we’re evolving this event to try and deliver more value to our Puppet users and community. This will be an exciting experiment and we look forward to the results.

Are there free Diversity tickets this year?

Yes, we will offer free Diversity tickets this year.

Will there be a Contributor Summit?

Yes! Contributor Summit is now Contributor Summit Online. This virtual event kicks off at Puppetize Live where we’ll initiate projects that will then continue for the whole month leading up to Contributor Summit Online on 14 November. During project month, participants will have access to Puppet resources and support that has never been offered before. Read more about it here.

Why is it only one day?

Puppetize Live is an experiment to deliver more value and content to our end users. Technically, it’s three full days of content in three cities, back-to-back-to-back. Like any experiment, we need to start with a controllable unit. Having a day’s worth of content, networking, and learning in three international cities sets a strong foundation.

Why should I attend?

Puppet’s community knows first-hand that people only improve their skills and command of infrastructure management (whether it be model-driven or ad-hoc tasks) when they share knowledge, stories, wins, and losses. Puppetize Live continues the tradition of PuppetConf, just on a global stage, inviting the world to share its Puppet stories. We want you to be a part of this.

Will there be education classes?

There will be training available at each of the cities where you can learn more about Puppet and advance your skills. See each city listing for details and training schedule.

How much does it cost to attend Puppetize Live?

The earlier you register the more you save! See the Registration page for the current ticket price.

There are special discounts for PuppetConf alumni, anyone who had already registered for PuppetConf 2018, and anyone registering four or more people. Contact [email protected] for details.

How much does it cost to attend Puppet training?

The cost for three days of training is $2,400 USD with the purchase of a Puppetize Live ticket. These three days might differ depending on the location of training. See our training page for more details.

Are there discounts?

Leading up to the event there will be promotional pricing. See the Registration page for the current ticket price. Registration will end up at $399 USD per ticket closer to the event date, so register soon for promotional pricing.

Also, there are volume and alumni discounts available. See the next two questions for more info.

Is there an alumni discount?

Definitely! We value our past PuppetConf attendees. Alumni will receive an email with their discount code.

Is there a volume discount?

Yes, for four or more people there is a 50% discount. Email [email protected] for the registration code.

Where will each Puppetize Live be held?

Here are the cities and exact addresses for all three of our global venues.

San Francisco, CA, USA
The Village
969 Market St San Francisco 94103

Sydney, Australia
Doltone House at Jones Bay Wharf
Level 3, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Kloveniersburgwal 50
1012 CX


CFP / Speaker FAQs

What kinds of topics will Puppetize Live be focused on?

Our focus this year will be on three themes that define the event: Scaling DevOps and Automation Success, Cloud Management and Migration, and Application and Container Delivery. Within this space, there's a lot to talk about, so you can expect (and submit!) a wide range of content.

Is there a program this year to sponsor travel for underrepresented speakers?

Yes - as in past years, we pay travel and lodging for some speakers who are underrepresented and/or minorities in tech.

When will I be notified if my talk is accepted?

The CFP closes on 30 July 2018. Submitters will know whether they’re accepted to talk at Puppetize Live by 10 August 2018.

Where can I get feedback on my talk submission before I submit it?

The #puppetize-live and #speaking channels in the Puppet Community Slack are great places to get feedback on your ideas, from attendees and employees alike.

Sponsorship / Partnership FAQs

Why Sponsor Puppetize Live 2018?

You can showcase your company as a leader along side automation experts, DevOps leaders, and members of the Puppet team, from around the world. Get your brand in front of thousands of global live stream viewers at PuppetizeLive 2018.

What are the benefits of sponsoring the on-premise and/or live stream events?

A Puppetize Live sponsorship helps you grow your business through face-to-face engagement and brand recognition throughout the 24-hour stream as well as repeat viewings of the content after the event. It’s a chance to increase brand awareness and network with a deep, vibrant, growing DevOps community. It opens up opportunities to discuss where your brand and its products fit within the greater DevOps dialog and conversation (hopefully leading to new, exciting partnerships and opportunities).

What kind of speakers will be at Puppetize Live 2018?

We’re inviting talented, stellar people to talk about cloud, containerized applications, software delivery automation, and DevOps on our global stage. Sponsoring this event is a way to support these new narratives in thought leadership and DevOps best practices.

Training and Certification

Why should I attend training at Puppetize Live?

Attending training at Puppetize Live gives you the opportunity to get hands-on training and hear the sharpest minds in DevOps tell their stories and share their experiences. With three days of training + Puppetize Live, you will have more even more opportunities to learn from experts and thought leaders, discuss ideas with your peers, and network with the Puppet community.We are also launching a new course, Getting Started with Puppet at Puppetize Live. This will be the first opportunity to attend this lab-based course which provides a guided, hands-on approach for new users to manage their infrastructure using the power of Puppet’s products. 

What classes are available?

We are offering a new course, Getting Started with Puppet, and Puppet Practitioner in each city. Please see for here for course descriptions.

Is training before or after the event?

Training will be offered after the event in San Francisco and before the event in Sydney and Amsterdam. The specific dates of the training are:

  • San Francisco: 10 - 12 October 2018 (Wednesday to Friday)
  • Sydney:  7- 9 October 2018 (Sunday to Tuesday)
  • Amsterdam:  7- 9 October 2018 (Sunday to Tuesday)

Should I attend Getting Started with Puppet if I have attended Puppet training in the past?

If you have taken Puppet Fundamentals or Puppetizing Infrastructure, you will recognize similar core content on how to manage your infrastructure with Puppet Enterprise. This course is a more hands-on approach, focused on lab work that corresponds to students' environments. This course also covers Puppet Discovery, Bolt and Puppet Tasks and provides an opinionated way to manage your own infrastructure.

In which languages will training courses be offered?

Training courses in all three locations will be delivered in English only.

Can I participate in training remotely if I’m only streaming the event?

No. But you can sign up for online training at other times.

Will training classes be at the same locations as the Puppetize Live events in each city?

No. Training classes will be held at training facilities located near the event locations in each city. For more information on training, visit our training page.

Will meals be included with training?

Lunch is included with training classes. We can provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other options.  Please specify any dietary requirements during registration.

Can I use a Premium Support voucher to attend training at Puppetize Live?

Yes, we are accepting a limited number of vouchers for training at Puppetize Live, so register early.  If you would like to redeem one of your vouchers for training at Puppetize Live, please email [email protected] to request a code to use when registering. The voucher covers the cost of the training only, and you will still need to pay to attend the Puppetize Live event.

Will certification be available?

No. We will not be offering the Puppet Professional certification exam at Puppetize Live. Instead we will be launching the ability to take the exam online in early September, so you won’t have to travel to a testing center to take the exam. More details about the online exam will be available at by September.  If you have any questions or concerns about Puppet certification, please email [email protected].