Forget spreadsheets and clunky CMDBs. Get dynamic, real-time inventory across your infrastructure — and act.

Why choose between model-driven and task-based automation? Puppet Enterprise delivers both, and a lot more.

CI/CD never looked so good or performed better. Our integrated platform simplifies software delivery and lets you deliver faster.

Until now, it hasn’t been easy enough to measure the ROI of your DevOps investment, or to benchmark performance.

The Puppet mission

Our mission is to solve our customers’ problems by helping them deliver better software faster. With more than 40,000 organizations worldwide using Puppet, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100, Puppet is the de facto standard for automating the delivery and ongoing operation of hybrid infrastructure.

Taking companies on the path to pervasive automation

Managing IT infrastructure and deploying software the way DevOps leaders do requires the ability to automate software delivery and infrastructure management broadly and deeply across the enterprise. This is what pervasive automation looks like and it’s the new competitive edge for companies striving to better serve their customer and deliver increasing business value.

The Puppet platform offers everything you need to dynamically know what’s in your cloud and on-premises hybrid infrastructure, manage it consistently and securely, and deploy software quickly and efficiently using the latest in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Instead of cobbling together tools, scripts, and isolated efforts, Puppet enables you to bring it all together so you can spend your time innovating and better serving your customers with the best software your teams can deliver.

Taking companies on the path to pervasive automation

We know a thing or two about DevOps

We invented infrastructure as code before DevOps had a name, and established the State of DevOps Report, the largest, most comprehensive study on DevOps, to make sure our assumptions about the software industry are reaffirmed each year.

With Puppet, you’re defining your infrastructure as code that can be shared across your teams and your entire organization so you can adopt the DevOps practices that will make your company more successful. Puppet gives you version control, peer review, automated testing and deployment, continuous delivery, and other tools that reduce friction between developers and operations. While we help you automate and configure your infrastructure, we also enable you to automate development workflows with continuous delivery pipelines for traditional applications and containers. We offer both infrastructure automation and deployment automation capabilities that lay the foundation for your DevOps practices.

Our customers tell us they collaborate better, deliver software faster, and have fewer failures when they use Puppet. In fact, in a 2016 survey, our customers reported that they deliver quality software 212% faster and 150% more frequently than before using Puppet.

We know a thing or two about DevOps

The right ecosystem

We have the right ecosystem to support and meet the needs of any company looking to transform and scale its DevOps capabilities. With more than 5,500 modules available in the Puppet Forge and a strong partner ecosystem that includes the likes of AWS, Docker, Google, Jenkins, Microsoft, Splunk and VMware, we’re paving the way for your automation journey. Every time we innovate, you benefit, and we’re just getting started.

The right ecosystem

Puppet is a key enabler in helping us realize the vision that all things will and must be automated to deliver at the velocity of our business.

Scott Johnson, Vce President of Technical Operations and Architecture at Staples

Puppet is the automation platform of choice

Puppet and Ansible

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Puppet and Chef

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Puppet Enterprise and open source Puppet

Puppet Enterprise offers even more powerful capabilities to easily automate the delivery and operation of your enterprise-scale infrastructure, securely and with full reporting.

From startups to 75% of Fortune 100 companies,
thousands of companies rely on Puppet.