Deploy your new servers in minutes

When you're deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers, you cannot leave anything to manual configuration and scripts if you want your clusters up quickly (and correctly). To effectively set up and manage your applications for large environments, automation is crucial – from the first step of configuring your RAID controllers and installing bare metal servers to the last step of deploying and configuring large-scale applications on all the servers. It does not matter if you’re deploying a Hadoop or OpenStack cluster, Stacki and Puppet together create the complete automation solution for your large-scale application environments.

Automating Every Step

StackIQ's Stacki is used for both initial infrastructure roll out and follow up refreshes taking your systems from bare metal (or virtual hardware) to working, ready-to-install applications. Whether you have 1 or 1000s of servers, Stacki installs complex clusters in minutes. After it sets up the RAID controller configuration via spreadsheets, Stacki installs the OS and configures the networking (including multiple network interfaces, types, and authenticated SSH password-less access at boot.) Puppet takes over from here for the Day 1 and beyond steps to deploy and provision your core OS configs, system hardening, middleware, and applications.

Complete Provisioning of Rack-and-Stack Hardware

With Stacki Pro and Puppet Enterprise, customers are able to take their automation a step further with more features and advanced customizations. Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure – no matter where it runs. Puppet Enterprise provides multi-host orchestration, role-based access control, and advanced reporting allowing you to fully automate your application stack. Stacki Pro gives you additional features such as advanced monitoring capabilities with an intuitive GUI, booting with UEFI, and deploying Ubuntu servers.

Customizing your Clusters with Support

With Stacki Enterprise, customers can get the convenience and speed of using a Pallet built by StackIQ to install and configure a Puppet Enterprise agent on a control machine, including assigning a Puppet role enabling Puppet Enterprise to fully configure the control machine in a single step. Together, rack-and-stack servers can go from power on to fully deployed in minutes with no manual steps. Stacki Enterprise and Puppet Enterprise customers receive dedicated support from StackIQ and Puppet assuring that their clusters will always be running properly.

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