Integrating Splunk intelligence with Puppet automation

You want to know what's going on in your infrastructure, and you want to remediate fast when configurations drift. That's challenging when you've got a ton of fast-moving, highly varied data. That's where Splunk and Puppet come in. Together, Splunk and Puppet have the capabilities to address multiple enterprise initiatives while scaling DevOps and transformation practices.

A simple way to automate remediation with ongoing intelligence

The new Splunk ITSI Module for Puppet Enterprise enables customers to trigger a Puppet job when an ITSI notable event is detected. This new integration provides a unified workflow between the intelligent insights provided by Splunk and the orchestration and automation provided by Puppet, making it easy to keep applications and infrastructure performant, secure and compliant. Additionally, with this integration, customers can build an ITSI Glass Table to monitor the interaction between the KPIs monitored and the automation used to maintain them.

Scale DevOps in real time with machine learning and automation

The Splunk Alert Action for Puppet Tasks is a new native integration with Puppet Tasks and Puppet Bolt. This powerful integration offers the ability to run ad hoc commands, plans and tasks when something is alerted from Splunk Enterprise. Additionally, it includes notifying teams using VictorOps, providing an accelerated experience for team collaboration.

Deploy and manage Splunk Enterprise

You can use Puppet Enterprise to automate the installation and management of your Splunk server and the Splunk Universal Forwarder, and configure both with shared configurations to keep them both running as they should. The Splunk module is available on the Puppet Forge.

Get started today

  • Read the docs to install modules
  • Download the Splunk App for Puppet Enterprise
  • Download the Splunk Add-on for Puppet Enterprise
  • Download the Splunk ITSI Module for Puppet Enterprise

The 2018 State of DevOps Report

Your data-driven roadmap for DevOps success
With Puppet Enterprise, you can see the changes, count on them being made fast, and you can audit any changes you put into the environment. The team plans to integrate Puppet with Splunk to get alerts with Puppet-generated data.
Ben Hainline, production operations engineer, Infusionsoft