Continuously test and deliver infrastructure changes

Jenkins is by far the most widely used tool for managing continuous integration builds and delivery pipelines. Puppet Enterprise provides many tools to automate the testing, promotion, and delivery of infrastructure changes with Jenkins, plus tools to deploy and manage Jenkins itself.

Deploy Jenkins in minutes

The Jenkins Puppet module deploys a fully functional Jenkins server in minutes. Jenkins jobs and plugins can be fully managed through infrastructure code, ensuring Jenkins is always configured as intended. When you manage Jenkins with Puppet Enterprise, your Jenkins server can be rebuilt, moved, and fully audited at any moment.

Continuously test and deliver

Puppet Enterprise includes tools to automate the testing, promotion, and deployment of infrastructure changes, including application deployments. The Jenkins Pipeline Puppet Enterprise plugin makes it simple to use Puppet Enterprise’s Code Manager and Application Orchestration capabilities to perform part of all of the deployment tasks in your continuous delivery pipelines. The plugin uses Puppet Enterprise's RBAC system with tokenized APIs to ensure safe infrastructure control from Jenkins. Beaker, a Puppet-authored acceptance test framework, easily runs as part of a Jenkins build to validate that Puppet changes do what they’re meant to do, with no unintended consequences.

Get the Jenkins Pipeline plugin

The Puppet Enterprise for Jenkins Pipeline plugin makes it trivial to use Puppet for some or all of the deployment tasks in a continuous delivery Pipeline. The plugin provides Jenkins Pipeline methods that can be used in a Jenkinsfile to manage everything as code, from the continuous delivery pipeline to the infrastructure. The declarative, phased approach of Jenkins Pipeline is a perfect compliment to the declarative, model driven approach of Puppet.

Download the Puppet Enterprise for Jenkins Pipeline plugin and learn more about the plugin's capabilities here.

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We’re able to cobble some of the tools like r10k, and rspec-puppet, or serverspec back together to build a much better Puppet development and deployment and testing workflow … And now we actually have the toolchain to start treating the infrastructure that is code as legitimately testable, reproducible, deployable code.

R. Tyler Croy, Jenkins contributor, Jenkins Project

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