Automate your Huawei network

Manually provisioning network devices is time-consuming and error-prone, and it’s preventing you from deploying applications at the pace your business expects.

Device-specific tools can help you automate networking, but they won’t help you unify management across your entire infrastructure. When you manage compute, networking and storage with the same solution, you can implement DevOps practices across your whole organization to deliver faster and more reliably. Puppet Enterprise gives you a common language and platform for managing your entire data center.

Puppet and Huawei have partnered to bring native Puppet Enterprise support to Huawei network devices, starting with the CloudEngine line of data center switches. Puppet Enterprise agents are pre-installed on CloudEngine devices, allowing customers to bring their Huawei devices under Puppet Enterprise control from Day One. With this integration, customers can manage their networking and compute infrastructure with a single tool.

Manage infrastructure as code for software defined networking

Puppet Enterprise provides a unified approach to managing your compute and network infrastructure. You define your infrastructure as code with a simple, human-readable language, and manage everything from a single management interface. This enables teams to collaborate more effectively, eliminates ticket proliferation, and accelerates application delivery.

Apply DevOps practices to network management

Automating networking operations with infrastructure as code enables networking teams to adopt DevOps practices. You can propose changes and, with version control, those changes can be peer reviewed, tested and approved before promoting them to production.

A common language for common networking

The Huawei Puppet modules are built on the NetDev standard. NetDev is a Puppet-maintained standard that provides a configuration language for common network configuration resources. Huawei’s NetDev Puppet modules provide the flexibility to manage everything from base switch configuration to interfaces, VLANs, and trunks.

Together, we help our customers implement automatic deployment and unified management of cloud data center networks.
Swift Liu, president of switch and enterprise communications product line, Huawei

Get Puppet Enterprise on up to 10 nodes for free.

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