Cumulus delivers web scale networking for better collaboration and faster delivery

Before the partnership between Puppet and Cumulus Networks, network operations teams had to rely on manual configuration, one-off scripts and network-specific tooling to manage full-stack vendor solutions.

Cumulus Linux allows IT organizations to leverage open networking, extending Linux from compute to networking and allowing organizations to purchase the right hardware for any job. When you use Puppet Enterprise with Cumulus Linux, you unify your operating systems, and your configuration management tools too.

Manage your network like your servers

Typically, IT organizations buy network hardware from a chosen vendor. The vendor provides a full stack of hardware, operating system, and management tooling. Cumulus Linux is the same Linux operating system used in compute to manage the network hardware of your choice. That means you can use the supported Cumulus Linux Puppet modules and native Cumulus Linux Puppet Enterprise agent to manage your network like you already manage your servers. Working with a single operating system and configuration language saves you time and the cognitive overhead that comes from switching tools.

Strengthen your DevOps culture

A strong DevOps culture is built on a foundation of communication and collaboration. When the network is siloed by separate expertise, process, and tooling, full DevOps collaboration simply isn't possible.

Cumulus Linux allows IT teams to extend the Linux expertise they already have to their network devices, and Puppet Enterprise provides the single tool on which to unify your change management process. Using them together lets you extend DevOps across your organization and build a stronger culture of collaboration — not to mention achieving a faster pace of change with fewer errors.

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Cumulus Networks
We've been automating our servers, load balancers and many key pieces of our infrastructure with Puppet. We can now use the same model to automate our switches. This wasn’t possible before, since other vendors only allowed basic configuration through Puppet. In contrast, with Cumulus Linux, you can provision the switch with a high level of customization. We’ve set Puppet up such that we can just iterate through templates.
Richard Kiene, principal engineer at Faithlife

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