The tools to help enable DevOps for more teams

DevOps is about improving how teams work together. Choosing the right tools helps bolster the cultural and process transformations IT teams go through when adopting DevOps. Atlassian and Puppet are the perfect tools for your DevOps toolbox.

Work together from beginning to end

Many teams rely on Atlassian’s Jira ticketing system to manage the development of Puppet code. Bamboo powers module tests using Puppet’s Beaker framework. Puppet Enterprise integrates with Atlassian BitBucket to know when changes to infrastructure code are ready to be staged on the Puppet servers. Once changes are ready to ship, teams use the Puppet Enterprise add-on for Atlassian HipChat to direct infrastructure change and collaborate on the change deployments in real time. Together, Atlassian and Puppet enable DevOps for more teams.

Build, collaborate, and ship with BitBucket and Puppet

BitBucket is indispensable for many teams to write and maintain Puppet modules, Hiera data, and Puppet environment content. After a proposed change to a Puppet environment has been peer reviewed and merged, BitBucket alerts Puppet Enterprise, using a webhook, to distribute the updated code to the Puppet servers.

HipChat + Puppet = ChatOps

The Puppet Enterprise for HipChat add-on brings awareness, collaboration, and action to the place teams already spend most of their day. Teams can push infrastructure change as well as monitor and discuss change in real time. Puppet Enterprise and HipChat are the perfect ChatOps companions.

Get started today

Download the Puppet Enterprise for HipChat integration from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Through HipChat Connect, customers can benefit from Puppet new integration, which includes the latest direct change orchestration capabilities, to continuously monitor all deployments directly within HipChat. DevOps teams are now practicing ChatOps in HipChat resulting in faster feedback loops, direct change control and real-time collaboration.

Joe Lopez, Head of HipChat Engineering, Atlassian

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