Infrastructure as code meets software defined networking

Does your network operations team rely on manual configuration, one-off scripts, and network-specific tooling to manage your network devices? This siloed approach slows you down, increases the chance of human error and makes it really hard to collaborate with your operations and storage teams.

Together, Puppet and Arista Networks have extended automation to networking devices. The Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS) native Puppet Enterprise agent and supported Puppet modules allow you to manage your switches just like servers. Now you can deploy faster with fewer errors, and work much more easily with the other admins in your organization.

Unify change management processes

Provisioning and managing compute servers to run applications is just one piece of the puzzle. Applications also require services, networking and storage to do what they’re supposed to do. The Puppet Enterprise integration with Arista lets you deploy changes that span compute and the Arista network together, saving you from time-consuming ticket coordination and lengthy deployment conference calls.

Manage Arista switches just like compute

The native EOS Puppet Enterprise agent gives you the ability to manage and scale your network just like your servers. Arista switches appear in the Puppet Enterprise console alongside your servers, and you’ll see changes to both reported in Event Inspector. Now you can define, deploy and monitor application changes within a single tool.

Built on NetDev

The supported Arista Puppet modules are built on NetDev, a Puppet-maintained standard for common network resources. NetDev provides a common configuration language for network configurations such as VLANs, interfaces and trunks.

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