What is Puppet Enterprise?

Puppet Enterprise is an IT automation solution that gives you the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure, both on premises and in the cloud.

Puppet Enterprise is used by a wide and expanding community of sysadmins to automate provisioning, patching and configuration of operating systems, devices, and application components across the entire data center — including physical and virtual machines, running on premises or in the cloud.

How is it different from open source Puppet?

Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Apps give you a whole set of additional out-of-the-box capabilities and apps for tackling IT automation challenges that go beyond configuration management of open source Puppet — all the while leveraging the Puppet approach that more than 20,000 organizations rely on.

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What are the specific components and dependencies included with Puppet Enterprise?

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How do I install Puppet Enterprise?

Find step-by-step installation instructions here.

How long will it take to download and install Puppet Enterprise?

Installation generally takes 10-30 minutes, depending on your environment and needs. 

Why did you create Puppet Enterprise?

Since 2005, tens of thousands of companies have adopted open source Puppet for configuration management and data center automation. We designed Puppet Enterprise for organizations that want to leverage the Puppet approach, including a whole set of additional out-of-the-box capabilities and apps for tackling IT automation challenges that go beyond the configuration management provided by open source Puppet. We also wanted to provide an offering that packaged up and installed open source Puppet with more than 40 other open source projects — MCollective, Facter, Hiera, and a host of others — into a straightforward installer. As part of this commercial installation, we integrated, certified, performance-tuned, and security-hardened Puppet Enterprise to make it a complete solution suitable for automating mission-critical enterprise infrastructure.

Is Puppet using an open core strategy?

No. "Open core" refers to blocking functionalities from your open source “core” and providing them solely in the commercial version of the software. Instead, we have a single version of Puppet: the open source version. Our commercial product includes separate tools that are grounded in core Puppet. In keeping with Puppet Enterprise's open source heritage, the source packages we've used to build it are available from our enterprise source downloads package repositories

Can I try Puppet Enterprise for free?

Yes. Download Puppet Enterprise and try it for free on up to 10 nodes.

How much does Puppet Enterprise cost?

Puppet Enterprise pricing starts at around $100 per node per year. See the pricing page for more pricing details. 

Do you provide security updates for the software packages in Puppet Enterprise?

Definitely. Ensuring that our customers receive timely security updates is extremely important to us. We have a rigorous process for tracking potential security issues that encompasses not only our own code, but also upstream projects that Puppet Enterprise utilizes. In the event that vulnerabilities are discovered, we move quickly to fix or patch and provide a new, updated Puppet Enterprise release. In addition, we disclose the CVEs of vulnerabilities that are addressed in each release. See our Security page for our security policy and disclosures. 

What is Puppets' definition of a node?

A node is any physical or virtual system that is managed by Puppet. This could be a physical server in your data center, a virtual server in the cloud or even a desktop machine.

Is support included in Puppet Enterprise?

Absolutely. Puppet Enterprise includes personalized support that goes beyond traditional trouble ticketing and resolution. From onboarding to ongoing maintenance, our trained and experienced experts help customers deploy, develop and manage their Puppet infrastructure. Puppet Enterprise comes with standard support, or you may choose Premium Support.

If I'm already using open source Puppet, how do I upgrade my existing deployment to Puppet Enterprise?

To install Puppet Enterprise on the same machines where you've deployed open source Puppet, you'll need to migrate configurations from open source Puppet to Puppet Enterprise. If you want a hand, contact our sales team to inquire about our Puppet Enterprise Audit service.

How do I get started with Puppet Enterprise?

Download a free trial of Puppet Enterprise, and your first 10 nodes are free during your trial period. Then contact sales to find the annual subscription that fits your needs best.