Uncover the black box and gain real insight

Puppet Enterprise gives you all the reporting and tools you need to understand the state of your infrastructure, see the impact of changes, deploy confidently, and prove compliance.

Visualization & Reporting

Understand the exact state of your infrastructure

Puppet Enterprise offers rich interactive graphical reporting to show you at a glance exactly how your infrastructure and applications are configured. Easily audit your infrastructure, generate reports to trace intent and verification, and make security and compliance audits quicker and less costly.

Audit state of infrastructure

Know what changed, right when it changes

Quickly understand and act on changes taking place in your infrastructure with in-depth reports and real-time alerts. Identify changes as they occur, and drill down to an individual resource level to evaluate impact so you can remediate issues quickly.
View changes

Understand the cause of changes taking place

Gain visibility into the cause of changes with reporting that identifies intentional changes vs. corrective changes. Know whether changes occurring across your infrastructure are intentional or the result of drift from your desired state, so you can troubleshoot faster, reduce mean time to recover, and quickly alert security teams when needed.

Understand the cause of changes taking place

Deploy changes with confidence

Visualize the relationships and dependencies between configurations to optimize your infrastructure model and improve collaboration. Puppet Enterprise includes interactive graphs of your configurations so you can reduce the time it takes to return infrastructure to your desired state when it diverges. You can deploy with confidence when you know how easily and quickly you can remediate any issues that come up.
deploy with confidence

Monitor the health of Puppet server

Troubleshooting any Puppet server issues is easy with Puppet server reporting. You can get real-time insight into the volume of requests, plus duration and execution time for configuration management workloads. Improve performance and collaboration by sharing these insights with teams responsible for different parts of the infrastructure.
Puppet Monitor

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