Know what you have and drive change with confidence

All too often, changes to infrastructure and applications can be a black box. With Puppet, you gain situational awareness and know what software you have, how it’s changed, why it’s changed, and who changed it. From AWS to z Linux, Puppet helps you understand your current situation so that you can make rapid changes with confidence across your entire infrastructure.

 drive change with confidence

Discover and monitor what’s running across your infrastructure

Puppet automatically discovers and monitors all of your inventory for you. When you know what’s running across your data center and cloud platforms, it’s easier to pinpoint the resources that have a specific version or package installed, or need the latest patch.

Discover and monitor

View changes in real time with reports on why they occurred

With Puppet Enterprise you can view changes in real time and reports that identify intentional changes versus corrective or unexpected changes. Know exactly when unexpected changes occur so you can alert security teams quickly when needed, troubleshoot faster, and reduce mean time to recover.

View changes

Visualize dependencies across your infrastructure

View a graph of all of the resources across your infrastructure and the inter-related dependencies that exist in the configurations you define. Use that insight to improve your change success rate, troubleshoot faster, and ensure deployments respect dependencies.

Visualize dependencies

Take action on meaningful insights

Puppet Cloud Discovery cracks open the black box of cloud environments so you can understand what you have and how it relates to the rest of your infrastructure, and provides meaningful insight so you can make more intelligent decisions about how to manage your systems.

Take Action

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