Infrastructure orchestration challenges

As rapidly changing business needs demand more and more from IT, the ability to reliably and rapidly adapt the infrastructure to meet the business needs becomes ever more difficult. Identifying how infrastructure services relate to each, where each service lives, and what information they need from each other is something administrators usually keep in their heads.

Infrastructure orchestration with Puppet

Puppet Enterprise’s Orchestrator keeps a model of your entire infrastructure including every infrastructure service, every dependency between services, and what information each service needs to know of the dependent services. Puppet Enterprise uses this information to automatically determine the order of operations, what configuration information to securely pass between systems, and when to wait for a dependent service to be available before moving on to the next step. Since there are no runbooks, a change can be deployed to as wide or as narrow an infrastructure target as required for the moment, knowing Puppet Enterprise will always do the right thing.

Infrastructure Orchestration

Model your infrastructure

Web applications need databases and message queues. Monitoring applications need to know what services to monitor. Servers need to know where to send the logs. Puppet Enterprise’s Orchestrator uses the model you build with Puppet’s domain specific language (DSL) to keep all this information so you no longer have to keep it in your head.

Infrastructure Model

Intelligence through and through

The intelligence built into the Puppet Enterprise Orchestrator is unmatched. Puppet Enterprise uses the infrastructure’s model to know what information to securely pass between services such as database credentials or a web server’s address; how to know when one service is fully up and running before moving on to the next step; and in what order the services need to be managed. This works at any scale, whether pushing a change to a single system or an entire datacenter.

Infrastructure Intelligence

Direct control

The Puppet Enterprise Orchestrator can deliver infrastructure changes to to any target you specify, whether that target is a static list of nodes, all instances of an application, a particular installation of an application, or all nodes matching a PQL query.

Infrastructure Control

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