Cloud orchestration challenges

The agility afforded by cloud infrastructure makes automated orchestration ever more critical. Cloud vendors each have their own solution to provisioning VMs and services, but leave the management of the VM configurations to brittle scripts that are impossible to maintain, or worse – manually baked golden images.

Cloud orchestration with Puppet

Puppet Enterprise provides effortless integrations with existing cloud vendor orchestration solutions to take over the management of a VM's configuration – from kernel to application. Using Puppet’s declarative model-driven language, provisioning scripts and image sprawl are eliminated. Once a newly provisioned VM is fully configured by Puppet, Puppet enforces the configurations until the VM is destroyed, ensuring unsafe configuration drift never occurs.

Cloud orchestration

Integrate with cloud orchestration services

Puppet Enterprise effortlessly integrates with cloud orchestration services such as AWS CloudFormation, OpenStack HEAT, and Azure Resource Manager to automatically and securely assign roles, deploy configurations including application builds, and continuously enforce the VM's configuration until the VM is deprovisioned.

Cloud orchestration services integration

Eliminate image sprawl

Puppet Enterprise eliminates image sprawl by removing the need to have hand-built images for each role a VM can have. Puppet automatically configures a newly provisioned VM from kernel parameters to application builds in one step. Therefore, the only images to manage are ones with just enough operating system to boot. Puppet can also automatically pre-build images and ensure a VM later created using the image stays in a consistent state. Puppet uses cryptographically secured role assignments to safely determine what configurations and application builds are required for a newly provisioned VM.

Cloud orchestration sprawl

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