Application orchestration challenges

A single application is often a spider web of many different systems and devices, relying on a multitude of components, services, and various underlying infrastructure. For IT teams to keep up with business and user demands and manage all this complexity, they need much more efficient ways to rapidly and repeatedly orchestrate the deployment and management of applications. And they need to be able to do it seamlessly, whether they're deploying on premise, in the cloud, on bare metal or via containers.

Application orchestration with Puppet

Model your entire infrastructure’s applications and services, as well as all the dependencies between them, using Puppet’s simple yet flexible configuration domain specific language (DSL). The Puppet Orchestrator uses the resulting model to intelligently and automatically determine the order of operations, how and where to securely discover and share information between services, and when to wait for a service to become available before continuing with an application deployment. With Puppet orchestration, you are in direct control because you can deploy a change to as broad or as narrow of the infrastructure as required – with constant feedback along the way.


Application Orchestration

Model your applications

Puppet’s language empowers you to describe each application and each of the services and underlying infrastructure it’s composed of as well as the dependencies between the services. The model is used to create as many instances of an application at any scale in any environment – all without having to list the individual steps to get it done.

Application Orchestration Model

Securely share information between services

Using an application’s model, Puppet understands what information needs to be securely passed from one service to another, such as database location credentials or web server addresses. During an application’s deployment, Puppet will discover the information from one service and pass it to the services that need it, greatly simplifying data management at scale.

Application Orchestration Secure Share

Manage it all together

Puppet Enterprise not only manages your applications, but the underlying middleware and core infrastructure too. When deploying a new application or a change to an existing one, Puppet ensures all the underlying infrastructure is deployed, correct and ready, giving you confidence the deployment will go as planned.

The Puppet Forge provides thousands of modules you can use to model your application infrastructure. Save time with tested, approved building blocks that make it easy to get off to a fast start.

Application Orchestration Manage

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