Infrastructure as code from keyboard to production

Puppet treats infrastructure as code, so you can easily propose, review, test, promote and deploy your configurations across all your environments — development, test and production. This consistency assures you that code gets developed and tested in environments closely aligned to production, for more successful deployments.

Code Management

Elegantly deploy code across environments

You can check your infrastructure code into common version control systems like Git, Subversion and Perforce, making it easy to deploy configurations after testing. Each version control branch is mapped to a Puppet environment, providing a supported way to manage infrastructure code in any environment you are managing with Puppet Enterprise.

deploy code

Simplicity regardless of your infrastructure size

As your infrastructure grows above tens of thousands of managed systems, you can scale with additional Puppet Enterprise compile masters. Code Management syncs your desired configurations across each of these compile masters, so you can be confident that your configurations are consistent across nodes and environments.
simplicity regardless of size

Easily audit your change approval history

Code Management couples tightly with version control, so you can examine and audit every change across your infrastructure. With better visibility and traceability into change approvals, you can replicate any previous infrastructure state and easily prove process compliance.

A foundation for continuous delivery

Consistency across development, test and production environments is a prerequisite for continuous delivery. By providing a simple way to promote infrastructure code across these successive environments, Code Management ensures consistency and accelerates deployment in a stable, testable and repeatable way.
puppet continuous delivery

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