What is application release automation?

If you’re struggling to keep up with competitors that make improvements, add features, and release new versions of their software to customers multiple times each day, you need to move beyond homegrown scripts and poorly integrated tools and embrace application release automation.

Application release automation enables you to develop, test and deploy software to production environments in a way that’s consistent across your teams, transparent, reliable and fast. Instead of depending on poorly integrated tools for this critical work, true application release automation gives you full control over and visibility into your software development and delivery process — and allows you to regain your competitive edge.

Application Release Automation

Traditional solutions have their problems

Making software is complicated and can be frustrating if you have to rely on unsupported open source tools to build and deploy your applications. Those tools often vary from project to project or change if the application lives in containers instead of VMs and bare metal. Wrangling them can become almost a full-time job. In the end, you’re left with clunky integration and the uncertainty of not knowing if a build is breaking for real or if the problem is with the software delivery tools themselves

Traditional Solutions

Simplify deployment with Puppet Pipelines

Puppet Pipelines is a CI/CD application purpose-built to solve these problems and deliver seamless application release automation. It includes a simple way to integrate your version control systems and ChatOps tools like Git, Subversion and Slack; provision infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services; and provide audit and reporting capabilities across the delivery process. If you’ve already invested in other tools like Jenkins, we integrate with them right out of the box. If you haven’t, we can deliver those capabilities for you.

We offer two editions:

Simplify Deployments

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