Puppet Enterprise architecture

As the infrastructure you manage with Puppet Enterprise increases, Puppet Enterprise easily grows to manage it by adding more Puppet Servers. This not only ensures performance at scale, but availability as well.

Puppet Enterprise makes certain that your infrastructure code is distributed to all Puppet Servers, so no matter how large you scale, Puppet continues to work. It’s just that simple.

High Availability
As of today, we have just under 49,000 Puppet nodes under management … Before Puppet, it would take us some time between four weeks to never to achieve major changes across our infrastructure organization and our legacy fleet. Now by managing some of these settings with Puppet, we've been able to move from taking months, or in some cases never finishing some of these kinds of infrastructure changes or deployments, to being able to make those changes in hours.
Martin Jackson, Senior Technical Expert, Walmart
How it works
Puppet Enterprise provides a simple way to monitor the performance of your Puppet Servers with Graphite, so you know when it’s time to add capacity.
Puppet Enterprise easily scales to manage tens of thousands of machines. Simply tell it where to add another Puppet Server, and Puppet Enterprise will take it from there.
High Availability
High availability
Puppet Enterprise eliminates any single point of failure and provides automated failover and redundancy in the event of an outage, so you can continue to manage your infrastructure and enforce configurations even if an outage affects the infrastructure which Puppet runs on.
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