Provision and manage your AWS resources with Puppet

Unlock the full value that AWS can deliver to your organization — and manage it with greater agility, more efficiency and the flexibility to scale when you need to. Deliver dependably, enforcing your policies consistently across all your AWS environments.

Available in the AWS Marketplace

AWS and Puppet have teamed up to make it easy to find and launch Puppet Enterprise directly from the AWS Marketplace. And just because you run Puppet in the cloud, that doesn't mean you can manage only cloud resources with Puppet. With Puppet you can provision and operate infrastructure, middleware, and applications both within your on-premises data center, and within the AWS environment — from your AWS environment.

Manage complex clouds

It's easy to spin up new machines in AWS, but it's a lot harder to ensure they're configured correctly. Puppet Enterprise lets you scale quickly up or down as the business demands, across thousands of cloud services and virtual networks.

Optimize your use of AWS

Whether you run Puppet in AWS or in your own datacenter, Puppet's AWS module can be used to provision, configure and manage AWS resources consistently and predictably. Use it to audit AWS resources, launch autoscaling groups in VPC, perform unit testing, and more. The AWS module supports:

  • EC2
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Auto Scaling
  • Security Groups
  • Route53 DNS

Get started today

Amazon Web Services
In our old model, it took several weeks, and with Puppet on top of automating the underlying infrastructure in the cloud, we deliver in about an hour.
Evan Scheessele, master engineer of cloud platforms, HP
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