What is orchestration?

Changes to applications or underlying infrastructure often need to be applied in a particular order, or orchestrated, across a set of disparate deployment targets. A single application is often a spider web of many different systems and devices, relying on a multitude of components and services.

Great applications are critical for modern organizations to run efficiently and meet the needs of their customers, both internal and external. To thrive, IT needs to get dramatically better at rapidly deploying business-changing applications and supporting infrastructure that are continually growing more complex.

Orchestration with Puppet

Puppet Enterprise dramatically reduces the complexity of deploying and managing distributed infrastructure services and applications, no matter where they run. It provides the ability to model entire infrastructures as code, including the dependencies between distributed services and systems that make up an application or application stack. Based on that model, the Puppet Orchestrator automatically determines the correct order of operations, what information needs to be securely passed between services, and when to wait for a service to become available before moving on with the deployment. This represents a completely new way of orchestrating activities, based on modeling rather than explicitly defining a series of actions.

Orchestration Overview

Holistically model, deploy, and continuously enforce distributed applications and their supporting infrastructure.

Model distributed infrastructure services and deploy orchestrated change.

Orchestrate cloud infrastructure and applications in a single, holistic model.

Drive change with confidence

Directing change exactly when and how you want it across complex infrastructure and distributed apps isn’t easy. We think it should be. Puppet Enterprise makes it possible to drive change with confidence and easily orchestrate ordered deployments across your infrastructure and applications. You get one solution to model, test, deploy, enforce, remediate and audit, from your core infrastructure through the applications that run on it.

Orchestrate ordered deployments of infrastructure and applications

Ensure that the right things happen on the right machines, in the right order. Orchestrate phased deployments of changes across your entire infrastructure based on dependencies you define, whether you're launching a database service, a web server, or deploying files and packages on specific machines.

Gain full and direct control over how and when changes are made

Direct changes to infrastructure and applications on-demand and orchestrate deployments with the push of a button. With Puppet Enterprise, you can segment your infrastructure and applications based on any shared characteristics and deploy changes only to those targeted segments, all while fully controlling the deployment speed and throttling the rate of change as needed.

Get real-time feedback and visibility into changes as they happen

Gain real-time insight into the outcomes of changes that you trigger on-demand. You can easily deploy a set of changes to a small set of infrastructure, review the results of each change while it happens, and throttle as needed - stopping a change roll out any time to investigate issues or extend the deployment to thousands of servers at a time.

Control everything in one place

Puppet Enterprise provides a unified language and a set of tools to automate everything, from your core infrastructure to middleware and application deployments. Now, you have full control, visibility and consistency across your entire application stack.

Get started with thousands of pre-made building blocks

The Puppet Forge provides thousands of modules you can use to model your application infrastructure. Save time with tested, approved building blocks that make it easy to get off to a fast start.

Get Puppet Enterprise on up to 10 nodes for free.