Automate your infrastructure lifecycle

As infrastructure grows in scale, it grows in complexity, and manual, siloed processes simply don’t scale. Every handoff or backlogged ticket is a bottleneck. With Puppet Enterprise, you have a single platform for managing the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure — from bare metal to virtual and cloud infrastructure. Plus you get tools for inventory discovery and node classification.

Node Management

Smart playlists for managing your infrastructure

You can easily group and manage large numbers of frequently changing systems. An intuitive, rules-based classifier groups devices based on key characteristics such as operating system, geographic location and IP address. This gives you a powerful and scalable way to automate classification of your nodes and enforce changes at scale.

Play lists

Power up to fully deployed servers in minutes

Puppet Enterprise matches operating systems, including hypervisors, to hardware profiles. Once the OS is installed and running, a rules-based role assigner automatically determines and deploys the proper configuration. This means you can deploy your newly racked hardware simply by turning it on.

config in minutes

Safely control & delegate access

Puppet Enterprise is built with role-based access control, making it easy to safely control permissions and access across different teams.

Get Puppet Enterprise for free on up to 10 nodes.