What is automated provisioning?

If it takes you weeks, or even days, to provision new systems, you're holding up applications your business needs. It doesn't have to be that way. Accelerate provisioning and get to Day Two faster by automating your deployments. Puppet Enterprise automates Day One provisioning of infrastructure, so you can get business services up and running faster. Plus, Puppet keeps your systems running dependably with far less work (and far fewer errors) than traditional approaches to systems management.

Automated Provisioning

Cut provisioning time to minutes

Puppet Enterprise automatically discovers infrastructure and provisions machines based on the policies you define. Take the time you used to spend building images and running manual scripts, and use it to make improvements and deliver new technologies that will help your organization thrive.

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Accelerate bare metal and VM provisioning

Whether you're provisioning bare metal or virtual machines, all you have to do is describe the desired state for each machine and its operating system. Puppet Enterprise does the rest, automatically installing the correct OS or hypervisors, based on the information Puppet has discovered in your environment.
accelerate bare metal

Adopt cloud infrastructure and add capacity quickly

Running on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine or OpenStack? It's easy to provision cloud machines quickly and reliably, move between cloud providers as needed, and manage all your cloud infrastructure with the same platform you use for physical infrastructure.

Easily launch and install Docker containers

Launch Docker containers quickly and manage them as easily and efficiently as you manage any other Puppet resource. You can ensure trouble-free app deployments by testing any configuration changes before runtime.
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