Travis Fields
Puppet Enthusiast

Windows user? Tired of being told to just use Linux? We agree. Come see what things you can do to develop your code while working on Windows. This session will provide a guided tour of the tools and techniques available to users embarking on their Puppet journey. Join us as we discuss and demo the current state of IDEs, debugging tools, and programming techniques. We will cover how to effectively develop and test your Puppet code on Windows as well as common gotchas and roadblocks you may encounter.

Presenter Bio:

Travis Fields is a Sr. DevOps Engineer in Beaverton, OR and recently was one of the Windows Engineers at Puppet Labs. He has worked throughout the IT and Development lifecycle, from a Network Engineer at Time Warner Cable to a QA, Software Engineer and Operations Engineer at CommerceHub. His eclectic experience leads to a very diverse viewpoint and gives him unique insight into the full DevOps experience.