Eric Shamow
Puppet Labs

An introduction to Continuous Delivery with a focus on Puppet and Operations teams - what is Continuous Delivery, why does my company or Development team want it, and what does it do for me? We'll focus on what you can do with Puppet now to enable an environment that encourages rapid iteration, how Operations can reach out to help Development get on this path (and what Development can ask for from Ops if they aren't helping out), and what Puppet is currently working on to make Continuous Delivery available to every organization.

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  • Configuration management is key to continuous delivery, and Puppet Enterprise is a key part of your continuous delivery toolbox.
  • You can manage your continuous delivery toolchain with Puppet Enterprise. Download it and use it with 10 nodes for free.
  • PuppetConf 2014 will be back in San Francisco. Developer Day will be held September 22, PuppetConf will be held September 23-24. Save the date!