Jeff Malnick and Paul Ambrosini

Service-oriented architectures allow one to easily scale the vertical components of the infrastructure before moving to deploy horizontally. In effect, maximizing the total capacity of a deployment before adding extra nodes. Along with the added benefits of maximizing deployment capacity however comes the burden of automatically assigning ports and other application-specific configuration on the fly. Today, several frameworks exist to solve these service discovery and orchestration problems with Docker. In this talk I'll discuss how SRC:CLR is evolving their backend services deployment by leveraging some of these tools, their evolution from deploying jar files to deploying containers, and the challenges we faced and overcame in this process of continual improvement.

Presenter Bio:

Originally a security consultant, Paul Ambrosini started his career pen-testing some of the worlds largest companies. After a few years he co-founded SRC:CLR with the hopes of building software to let develops write more secure code. In his free time Paul can be found on his Triumph on any given curve in the Marin headlands, drinking rye or bantering about the finer points of secure systems engineering with his colleagues.

A graduate from Puppet Labs' professional services, Jeff Malnick has been a systems engineer for 10 years, starting with the Department of Defense at the Naval Postgraduate School to currently working for SRC:CLR, the foremost platform that brings software security to the development process. Outside of the day-to-day, Jeff loves tearing up single track on his mountain bike, building pillow forts in his living room and finding new and often overlooked uses for glitter.