Conor Horan-Kates

Rouster is an abstraction layer between you and Vagrant. At salesforce.com, we're using it to assist in running functional tests of the Puppet code we've written. While RSpec is significantly faster, it really only tells you whether the catalog contains what you expect it to - not whether those things can/will be applied successfully - and that's where Rouster comes in.

Currently the library contains many hooks for system level testing and information gathering (is_file?(), is_user_in_group?(), is_service?()) and puppet related functionality (get_catalog(), parse_catalog(), run_puppet()), but we're looking to expand.

Presenter Bio:

Conor Horan-Kates is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the Quality Engineering organization supporting Data Center Automation. In this role, Conor has planned and implemented test environments, created testing and development best practices and developed applications, automated tests, and test frameworks. Most recently, Rouster, an abstraction layer for Vagrant. At salesforce.com, Conor has been involved in many aspects of building the infrastructure, from initial contributions to a CMDB, testing of switch/load balancer/ACL creation automation and now, bringing the build and maintenance lifecycle into Puppet. Additionally, he has written a testing framework that interfaces with salesforce.com records, Test::More::Salesforce, and a learn-by-testing project called Perl::Koans. Prior to salesforce.com, Conor worked in QA at the antimalware company Webroot.

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