Ger Apeldorn
Freelance Puppet Consultant/Trainer

You know that there is great stuff readily available in the Puppet Forge, but how do you integrate that into your own environment? How can you distinguish between beauty and the plentiful examples of how NOT to build a module? You’ve probably heard about roles and profiles, but where to put all the tidbits that you need to make Puppet work for you? I’ll show you how you can leverage the power of the Forge. Flexibility guaranteed with the help of our friends r10k, Hiera and wrappers for classes and types.

Presenter Bio:

Ger is a freelance Puppet consultant and teaches the official Puppet Labs courses in the the Netherlands. He has helped many companies to implement Puppet, both open source and Puppet Enterprise and has presented his 'Manageable Puppet Infrastructure' at PuppetConf and other conferences. He is also exploring startup life in his companies AutiPlan.com and RoutineFactory.com, which are both helpful tools for people that like some extra support to keep their lives organized.

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