Kylo Ginsberg
Puppet Labs

A year ago, Puppet Labs had one experimental C++ project, but now we have several, spanning multiple areas of the technology stack. This talk will introduce some of those projects, including Facter 3, Leatherman and Horsewhisperer. We’ll discuss how and why we selected C++ and where it fits into the Puppet Labs software ecosystem. For those interested in going under the hood, we’ll also give a brief history of C++ in the context of considering how to manage the language’s “sharp edges” (hint: automated tools!). Last, we’ll discuss how to set up a development environment for these projects (introducing some of the Puppet Labs packaging and toolchain projects along the way). And, we’ll walk you through a simple example of how you can contribute!

Presenter Bio:

Kylo Ginsberg is an engineer at Puppet Labs, focussing on client-side development. Prior to Puppet Labs, he worked at several different startups, wrangled real-time operating systems code for many years, and survived two stints as a literature grad student. He lives in Portland with his wife, two kids and asthmatic cat.