Lucas Yamanishi
ADNET Systems

Community is one of the best things about Puppet. It not only has mailing lists, chat and meetings, the Puppet Community helps solve common problems. With over 3,000 modules on the Puppet Forge today, it has never been easier to deploy from scratch. But are you really seeing the benefits of this community? This talk focuses on using and improving existing Puppet modules. Starting with business considerations, it progresses through common open source workflows and ends with a detailed look at technical patterns and best practices.

Presenter Bio:

Lucas Yamanishi began his professional IT operations career upon assignment to the position of Radio Telephone Operatori for his US Army infantry platoon. He soon discovered several undocumented features in his cryptographic equipment and began automating his workflows. He later worked as a reserve counterintelligence trainee before being medically discharged due to injuries sustained in Iraq. He now works for ADNET Systems in NASA’s Space & Earth Science Data Analysis Program Management Office where he wears many hats as a Systems Administrator. Over the past four years he has emerged as principle automation architect for his team and now serves as a Puppet consultant for other teams in NASA’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate.