Hailee Kenney & Ruth Linehan
Puppet Labs

Interested in learning more about how to contribute to Puppet? Then be sure to check out the CONTRIBUTING.md file on GitHub, the slides below, as well as the video above.

Puppet is awesome because of the great contributions community members have made to it. You don’t need to be an expert developer or have contributed to many open source projects before to make great contributions to Puppet. But getting your code into Puppet can seem intimidating: what branch should you submit your pull request against on GitHub? What response should you expect to get? How do you run the tests to make sure you don’t break anything? How do you write Rspec tests to cover the features you’ve added? We’ll cover these topics and more so that you can leave the session prepared to make amazing contributions and see your code get into Puppet.

Presenter Bio:

Hailee Kenney
Engineering Intern, Puppet Labs
Hailee is currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Portland. This is her second summer interning at Puppet Labs on the Puppet Core team. Her interest in open source initially drew her to Puppet Labs, and it was the amazing Puppet community that brought her back for a second internship.

Ruth Linehan
Software Developer, Puppet Labs, Inc.
Ruth graduated from Reed College in May 2012 with a degree in Linguistics. One month later she joined Puppet Labs as a software development intern working on Facter, and then moved to the Puppet Enterprise team shortly after that. She happily joined the team full time in October, leaving the intern world behind. When not writing code, she enjoys biking (like a good Portlander), swimming, and hiking.

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