Seth Goings

Using Puppet during training courses and tutorials is fun. Everything seems to fit right into place - need a package installed and service enabled? You got it, buddy. However, rolling Puppet out into both your existing production infrastructure and developers’ hand-crafted workstations-of-art is a whole different challenge, isn’t it? Developer Dave won’t stop grumbling about how he won’t allow Puppet on his machine because it will totally destroy “his glorious dotfiles” and CTO Chuck still questions the reason for configuration management in the first place. Sound familiar? Through the telling of several short stories from ReadyTalk’s Puppet adoption epic, you’ll learn some potential snags to avoid and tips/tricks to try out when rolling out Puppet into your place of work.

Presenter Bio:

Seth is the DevTools team lead at ReadyTalk. On weekdays, Seth and his teammates are helping to pave a smoother, and continuous road to production for all of the components that go into ReadyTalk’s web, audio and video conferencing solutions. On the weekends, Seth tries to live up to his nickname, “Seth the Builder,” by breaking out his pneumatic framing nailer or miter saw for just “one last project.”