Anderson Mills, Jesse Scott and Lindsey Smith
Puppet Labs

r10k has become the de-facto solution for promoting infrastructure code through successive deployment tiers, from development to testing and on to production. But r10k is just one piece in a larger "code management" workflow, which increases confidence in your deployments and reduces the potential for unwanted changes reaching production. In this session we will give a high-level introduction to the problems of code management and how r10k fits into this. Even better, we’ll show off upcoming capabilities and talk about where code management from the Puppet Labs perspective is headed in the future.

Presenter Bio:

Anderson Mills is a software engineer at Puppet Labs and has been with the company for two years. Previously he developed software for the secure ordering of schedule II pharmaceuticals and warehouse control. He has been involved with software development for 25 years, including domains as diverse as music analysis and synthesis, jet engine noise prediction and electrical construction bidding. He also managed to accrue 10 years of unix system administration experience interwoven with that as well.

Jesse Scott is a software engineer who has worked at Puppet Labs for the past two years. During that time he has primarily worked on improvements to the Puppet Forge website and API service. Previously he co-founded a startup that connected consumers and local food producers. He has over 15 years of experience developing web applications for a range of industries including e-commerce, publishing, real estate and education.

Lindsey is a senior product manager at Puppet Labs and nothing makes him happier than talking with customers to hear the good, the bad and the ugly in their own words. He has been working in the software industry since teaching himself to program in junior high (highlights include cafeteria chain trainee scheduling system and 4-H chicken judging score management) as well as sysadmin jobs all through high school and college. Software engineer roles and a Symantec acquisition brought him to the Pacific Northwest and then on to a startup where he transitioned into product management responsibilities while scraping by as the Linux sysadmin. Before Puppet Labs he was the technical product manager and then product manager for security visualization and analytics.