Kevin Corcoran, Chris Price and Archana Sridhar
Puppet Labs

At last year's PuppetConf, we announced the first release of Puppet Server, our next-generation Puppet master. Since then, we've been working hard to make it even better. In this session, we'll give an overview of all of the new features we've added and improvements we've made in the last year. We'll talk about how we've improved performance and memory usage, and added some new administrative APIs to help you manage the server. There will be a demo of new metrics and monitoring capabilities that we're adding for Puppet Enterprise, and we'll share some info about the new file sync capabilities, designed to help you manage your Puppet code in large-scale deployments. To wrap up, we'll give a sneak preview of what's in store for 2016!

Presenter Bio:

Kevin is an engineer at Puppet Labs. He lives in Portland. A refuge from academia, he thinks that writing code can be pretty fun, especially when it involves distributed systems, performance-critical code or lots of parentheses. When not staring at a glowing rectangle, he’s outside attempting to ride his mountain bike or climb a rock, but falling off in both cases.

Chris has been working at Puppet Labs for over three years, with a focus on back-end services and performance and scalability improvements. When he's not coding, he enjoys cycling, hiking, a good glass of scotch and watching his two-year-old daughter entertain herself for hours on end by tossing pebbles into the nearest body of water. Preferably, when it's an ocean.

Archana is a product manager at Puppet Labs with a background in designing and implementing various types of solutions. She is passionate about focusing on user motivation, user experience and feedback in designing the solutions and in using Agile methodologies to achieve this. Archana loves being part of the Puppet Labs team and working with the amazing people here. When not working, Archana is building Legos with her kids, listening to music, etc!