Will Farrington

At GitHub, we've got a pretty large Puppet code base to manage all of the GitHub.com infrastructure. It's also pretty old; a little over four and a half years of history lives in our Puppet repo. We've also hired a lot more people over the past few years, going from around 70 people a year ago to more than double that now. This talk focuses on how we continue to embrace the GitHub principles of constantly shipping, iterative improvement, constant experimenting, and no managers to manage our rather large Puppet infrastructure with success.

Presenter Bio:

Will is a developer and operations engineer. Will works on system operations at GitHub, where he spends most of his time slinging Puppet to manage GitHub's extensive production environment where he spends a great deal of time on automating, homogenizing, and improving GitHub's development environments. Prior to GitHub, he spent the previous 3 years using Ruby and Puppet to build and scale massive web services with Highgroove Studios and Rails Machine.

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