Lizzi Lindboe and Jeremy Adams
Puppet Labs

The APIs built into Puppet Enterprise are super powerful, yet lightweight and adaptable. Master these and you'll be able to integrate PE with your existing sources of truth and reporting. You need to know the model, get the right tools and then get creative! We'll show you how to work with REST APIs in general and some tools that make it a snap. We'll focus on the PE APIs for node classification, RBAC and the activity service, but will touch briefly on some others too. We'll share some examples of using the APIs for automating your PE configuration from setting up a new master, to managing classification programmatically, to pulling activity reports.

Presenter Bio:

Jeremy Adams has been in technical customer-facing roles going way back, from an early stint at Sun Microsystems to that time he and his wife opened a coffee roasting business (still running). For the last two and a half years, Jeremy has been working in pre-sales solutions engineering at Puppet Labs. He enjoys the black art of facilitating human-human, machine-machine, and human-machine communication.

Lizzi Lindboe is an engineer at Puppet Labs, where she works on Puppet Enterprise's node management and access control. Outside of work, she is an amateur computational chemist, and volunteers with organizations like ClojureBridge to make tech more accessible to others.