Richard Jerrido
Red Hat

Puppet has become the standard configuration management solution for computing infrastructure. Companies that rely on Puppet in heterogenous environments must feel confident in the support that comes with their investment. There are 2 ways to get support for Puppet. Either you can subscribe to Puppet Enterprise via Puppet Labs, or you can acquire support through a subscription to Red Hat Satellite for Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers. This session will review each support model and explore: Caveats of each approach. Examples of joint deployments that showcase how Red Hat Satellite 6 and Puppet Enterprise can coexist in a company to streamline configuration management. The latest releases of Red Hat Satellite and Puppet Enterprise. Complementary deployment practices for content life cycle, provisioning, and configuration management.

Presenter Bio:

Rich Jerrido has worked with Linux since 1999 and with virtualization since 2000. Rich is the Technical Product Marketing Manager for Red Hat Satellite, assisting customers in efficiently deploying their infrastructures in support of their business objectives. Particularly, he focuses on lifecycle management, content management and governance of all things Red Hat: servers, content, configuration and subscriptions.