Clayton O'Neill and Matt Fischer
Time Warner Cable

All of us have the problem of understanding what impact a change or deployment will have on our environments. We all have to answer some or all of these questions: How do you test your changes before committing them? How do you measure impact of upgrading modules? How do you pin module versions without it being painful? How to test your deployments before merging new code? How can you test your deployments before deploying and what the effect will be? We’ll talk about the tooling and processes we’ve put in place that helps us answer these questions. Based on our experiences, we will discuss how we build and use development environments, how we do code review, catalog compile tests/diffs, functional testing and integration testing.

Presenter Bio:

Matt is a Principal Software Engineer at Time Warner Cable and uses devops to deliver self-service IT infrastructure and services using OpenStack. Matt's focus is primarily on configuring and deploying OpenStack using tools like puppet, but he pretty much works on everything. A fan of open source projects, Matt is also active in the puppet and Ubuntu communities. Matt has previously worked at Canonical and HP. Matt lives with his family in Colorado and enjoys spending time hiking and skiing when not writing or deploying code.

Clayton is a principal software engineer at Time Warner Cable, where he's working on a team developing, configuring and deploying a large private OpenStack cloud. He is primarily responsible for CI/CD, automation and MySQL/Galera on the team, but has deep background on both operations and development teams.